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Libertarian Candidates for Partisan Office - 2014 Primary

State Attorney General Jonathan Jaech
US House, District 7 (Sacramento County) Art Tuma
US House, District 25 (Los Angeles County) David Bruce
US House, District 33 (Los Angeles County) Mark Herd
US House, District 50 (San Diego County) Michael Benoit
State Assembly, District 8 (Sacramento County) Janice Bonser
In addition, there are 21 districts where only one candidate is listed on the ballot.

The following Libertarians are running write-in campaigns in such districts:

Board of Equalization, District 3 Jose Castaneda
US House, District 23 Gail Lightfoot
State Assembly, District 5 Patrick Hogan
State Assembly, District 41 Ted Brown
State Assembly, District 60 John Farr
State Assembly, District 75 Michael Paster

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