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Libertarian Candidates for Partisan Office - 2018 Primary

The following are people who are working to get on the ballot this year.

In the "Status" field, "Filed" means that the candidate has apparently done everything necessary (this will be changed to "Qualified" upon confirmation by ROV or SOS).

Key for endorsements by LP groups: LNC - Libertarian National Committee; LPC - state party; LPSCC - Santa Clara County; LPFC - Fresno County; LPKings - Kings County; LPSJC - San Joaquin County, LPStanislaus - Stanislaus County; SBCLP - San Bernardino County; LPSM - San Mateo County.

If you have additional information about these candidates, or information about additional candidates, please send a note to
OfficeEndorsed ByStatusCandidate
US Senate Filed Derrick Michael Reid
US House, District 17
 (Alameda, Santa Clara Counties)
LPC, LPSCC Filed Kennita Watson
US House, District 22
 (Fresno, Tulare Counties)
LPC, LPFC Filed Bill Merryman
US House, District 30
 (Los Angeles County)
LPC did not qualify
not enough signatures
Rick Dawson
US House, District 34
 (Los Angeles County)
LPC Filed Angela McArdle
US House, District 48
 (Orange County)
LPC Filed Brandon Reiser
US House, District 49
 (Orange, San Diego Counties)
Filed Joshua Hancock
Governor LPSCC, LPFC, LPKings,
LPSJC, LPStanislaus, SBCLP
Filed Nickolas Wildstar
Filed Zoltan Gyurko Istvan
filed as a Democrat Robert Griffis
Lt. Governor LPC, LPKings Filed Tim Ferreira
Secretary of State LPC, LPKings Filed Gail Lightfoot
State Senate, District 6
 (Sacramento, Yolo Counties)
LNC, LPC Filed Janine DeRose
State Senate, District 10
 (Alameda, Santa Clara Counties)
LPC Filed Ali Sarsak
State Senate, District 20
 (Los Angeles, San Bernardino Counties)
apparently did not file Anthony Bush
State Senate, District 26
 (Los Angeles County)
Filed Mark Matthew Herd
State Assembly, District 8
 (Sacramento County)
LPC Filed Janice Bonser
State Assembly, District 24
 (San Mateo, Santa Clara Counties)
LPC, LPSCC, LPSM Filed Bob Goodwyn
State Assembly, District 25
 (Alameda, Santa Clara Counties)
LPC, LPSCC Filed Robert Imhoff
State Assembly, District 32
 (Kern, Kings Counties)
withdrew Stephen Cano
State Assembly, District 38
 (Los Angeles, Ventura Counties)
LPC Filed Kevin Shaw
State Assembly, District 52
 (Los Angeles, San Bernardino Counties)
LPC Filed Ben Gibbins
State Assembly, District 53
 (Los Angeles County)
LPC Filed Michael Lewis
State Assembly, District 70
 (Los Angeles County)
LPC Filed Honor "Mimi" Robson
State Assembly, District 78
 (San Diego County)
apparently did not file Amy del Nagro Misko

Write-In Opportunities

In addition to the offices listed above, there are likely to be some cases where only candidate (often the incumbent) has filed to be on the ballot. In these cases a write-in candidate could, with only a small number of votes (as long as it was more than the number for any other write-in candidate for the same office) end up as one of the "top two" and thereby be listed on the November ballot.

A number of Libertarians have done this in previous years, and some have gotten on the November ballot that way. Districts where that might be possible this year will be listed here soon.

Previous Elections